Are you ready to become a lizi’s adventurer?

I’m so excited to join lizi’ and her adventurers by starting my day with lizi’s healthy granola👋🏿. Start your day right with lots of energy so you can face your adventures every day. In 2003, founders Dr Mick Shaw and his wife Lizi created The GoodCarb Food Company. Equipped with all the ingredients for healthy living, these true foodies also have a sound background in organic farming and science. Combining their lifelong love of food with their experience in farming, food, and science, the pair began their mission promote the sense of wellbeing induced by eating good food, without creating the artificial blood sugar fluctuations produced by so many convenience foods. Reading much as they could about the role of carbohydrates in food, they soon deduced from the latest scientific research papers that the Glycemic Load (GL), which is a direct measure of how food affects blood sugar, was the most important thing to measure in their new granola products. Lizi’s therefore became the first company in the world to measure the GL load of their products. Together with their insistence on using natural ingredients, Lizi’s customers can be confident in the health credentials of their granola (lizi’s website). My favourite lizi’s adventure granola flavours are: (Either strawberry of 🍌 banana)

They are packed full of scrumptious goodness😋 and are low in sugar high fibre. My niece’s favourite is the banana granola – it’s smells and taste so yummy she always has another serving 😀and she is always full of positive energy when she goes to school and at home after a healthy breakfast. The packaging is child friendly which motivates the children enjoy there breakfast more…as they love looking at the pictures and want to become adventurers just like the children on the packaging – encouraging them to eat healthier 🐾🐾🐾.

Here comes the science bit 💻

Our GranolaAll our products supply wholesome food that deliver sustained energy and protein throughout the day.All our products are GL tested to give you confidence not only on the nutritional benefits but also the effect on your body.With continual development we have launched Granola in convenience packs to help with busy lifestyles but always with a conscience that has driven us to develop varieties such as our low sugar.

All Lizi’s Granolas are:

• 100% Natural Ingredietnts

• No GMO’s

• No added salt

• Dairy-free, wheat-free recipes*

• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (no honey)

• Low glycaemic – GL labelled – good for blood sugar control

(* with the exception of On-the-Go which includes lactose free milk powder, information from lizi’s webpage)

Lizi’s granola is a available at Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose…there are different flavours all good for your health and digestive system..- the cinnamon flavoured helps to lower blood sugars/ as Cinnamon is a ingredient that helps to lower cholesterol too as studies have shown this. 🍊🥜🍌Lizi’s Adventurers flavours are Strawberry and Banana.Lizi’s Granola flavours: Belgian Chocolate, Treacle & Pecan, Passionfruit & Pistachio, Original, Organic, Low Sugar, High Protein, Mango & Macadamia, Pink Apple & Cinnamon, Gluten Free. Why not become a lizi’s adventurer and go try these yummy healthy granolas – start your day as you mean to go on! Having a healthy breakfast has positive effect on your health which will give you more energy to go on adventurers everyday. Lizi’ has developed these products for the whole family in mind, she has also developed high protein granolas which is necessary for growing youngsters and adults. I’m so glad I joined lizi’s granola gang and I feel super healthy and full of energy now..I look forward to my breakfast now and you can enjoy them with your children – making it a family adventure every morning! HAPPY ADVENTURES 🐾👋🏿😀#spondored #healthyliving #lizi’s adventurer #granola

Halloween costumes you might already have in your closet 👻🎃

Only got an hour or few days till your Halloween party – don’t worry you can still create some awesome costumes from your wardrobe. Here are a few ideas of costumes you can put together in minutes. Happy Halloween 👻Some of the props can be ordered from eBay or Amazon and arrive same or the next day! It’s Halloween weekend and is fast becoming the most popular festival which is celebrated by everyone around the world…. 👻🎃On the 31 October each year, Halloween (also known as All Hallows’ Eve) is a time for pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, dressing up and trick or treating! Have a safe and fun Halloween and remember making your own outfits with whatever you have in your wardrobe is so much fun, and you can make it as scary and as creative as you like. STAY SPOOKY👻🍁🎃 #blogpostoctober #takeEZwithyou xx

My top 5 summer shoes 👠 

I love shoes and I am the proud owner of 250 pairs – yes I love collecting shoes and have a pair for all seasons. I love colours and unique designs that compliment the weather and outfit I’m wearing! Below are my top 5 for this summer season 2017:✅.                                                             1) These have become my favioute this summer, they are comfy and stylish and compliment any outfit. Birkenstock Arizona £55:00 pounds.                  2)These tan cross strap sandals are available at Clarks shoes £45:00 pounds. Super stylish for those beach dayz!                                                        3)Newlook is my favourite for gorgeous shoes this summer, these pretty black velvet strap platforms are so comfy and very chic- available in colours beige to £29pounds!                                   4) Black multi strap wedges 💞YES YES wedges are very popular all year round and are super comfortable and so trendy! I’m a massive fan of wedges and I am the proud owner of over 30pairs 🙈-boho chic great for any accassion – these are available all highstreet stores and in all designs ✅.                                                                     5)Heels are a girls best friend and they certainly live up to it as they make your legs look longer and they look pretty with dresses and trousers – my favourite are these scrumptious beauties 😍wondered lace up heels red, from Lasula only £12:00 pounds- 👌🏾(there shoe collection is awesome go show them some love on there Instagram page ♥️follow them for more inspiration)!!!!                                                       Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog on my top 5 favourites and taken some fashion inspiration with you next time you go shopping for that beautiful pair of shoes this summer! Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog on top 5 bikinis this summer you won’t be disappointed and all chosen from high street stores. We nearer to the weekend  YAY – have a good one everyone and thanks for visiting – kiss kiss 💋Follow me on Insta for more fashion 💙 can also follow me on twitter to @EzmeOffDuty❤️

My Easter Sunday 🐰

My happy place this Easter is at home sitting in my beautiful spring garden and relaxing with my favourite food and my family. I love listening to birds singing and admiring the view and enjoying the blue skies and the warmth. Herefordshire is a beautiful place to visit…and my home…stunning views and walks, lots to do >come down and have a look for yourself. My favourite place to visit in Herefordshire is Goodrich Castle is a now ruinous Norman medieval castle situated to the north of the village of Goodrich in Herefordshire, England, controlling a key location between Monmouth and Ross-on-Wye. It was praised by William Wordsworth as the “noblest ruin in Herefordshire” and is considered by historian Adrian Pettifer to be the “most splendid in the county, and one of the best examples of English military architecture”. (Mytripadvisor)My Sunday photo >I love Easter Holidays, as a child use to always excite me! It’s a lazy Sunday for us today,eating  lots of chocolate Easter eggs and naughty comfort food….Easter is the oldest festival going and the most fun for children and adults. The common story is that the word Easter comes from the Eastre or Eostre, the name of a goddess associated with spring.Whatever your doing this Easter holidays have a fun and enjoyable one! Thankyou for stopping by >miss E x x


My favourite place when I visit Staffordshire is China Gardens (Toby Cavery) Festival Park Stoke on Trent……little food and coffee district, situated near a canal with colourful canal boats. It’s just lovely!  You can sit outside and enjoy the view,  while enjoying your favourite alcoholic beverage and some delicious food. My favourite chill out place in the spring and summer – buzzing with great atmosphere and vibrant feel to the place! If you fancy a delicious coffee near by is Costa coffee and if you fancy a day at the cinema – that is also just around the corner..perfect little place for a little day out in Staffordshire Stoke- stop by  if commuting or meeting friends! The food is amazing…and staff are very friendly…and the view whilst you enjoy your food is exquisite. In the summer it’s buzzing with great hype and personality and if your visiting Staffordshire Stoke pop in and enjoy a cavery or some bubbles outside in the sun!  It’s such a peaceful little garden with some character and stunning views of the canal boats…in the summer you can meet the swans who swim quietly in the water making it look very pretty and giving the place some lovely warmth. It’s a place I stop for some rest after a jog along the canal..whatever the accassion – it’s surely a place I enjoy coming to! Thankyou for popping by – lots love miss E x 

Mothers Day *Giftguide2017

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (Sunday 26 March) and it’s time to get that perfect gift for all those special moms out there! Here are some of my favourites❤️These chocolates and truffles have been enjoyed by kings and queens, sultans and maharajas, princesses and presidents, stars of stage and screen, indeed by anyone who delights in the pleasure that only the finest chocolate brings. Perfect for that special mom (£35, Prestat)Cosy grey fur slippers – for those cosy and warmth days enjoyed by all mummies (£12, Newlook) Limited edition Baileys chocolate luxe, real Belgian chocolate and Irish cream- perfect blend presented in this exquisite gold bottle. Ideal gift for they someone special (£12, Tesco) Waitrose flowers are a little box of spring🌺 and will certainly but a smile on any mother’s face >offers and discounts available (start from £30, Waitrose)This fluffy silvery gown is so warm and beautiful- my Best Buy for Mother’s Day- will make her day that extra special (£45, M&S) How beautiful is this bottle of gorgeous flower scented perfume?🌺 limited edition and available at Selfridges- all mothers love perfumes and it’s the most beautiful gift wrapped In pretty bow! (£88, Selfridges)It’s a wrap – have a very happy Mother’s Day on Sunday 26th March, make it that extra special for the most amazing and precious lady in you  life, OUR MOTHERS❤️ Thankyou visiting **Miss E** Kiss kiss x x 

Dream Hair💁🏽

Monday morning wake up call 👉🏽💁🏽:)  I love a fresh week – start of the week is all about my hair >I’m constantly asked what products I use for my bouncy thick hair- I’ve had loads of messages on my Instagram inbox😀>so here goes😀letting you into my beauty secrets🤗happy read instapeeps:) Frizz-ease are my all time favourite products,  I have been using these for a long time. They enhance the natural beauty of your hair, I have naturally curly hair and these products give me easier styling on busy days without any fuss. They give your hair super shine and lusciously full Monday morning superheroes😍Transforms and revives lifeless curls and waves, for hair that’s bouncing with movement and definition.                                                       Here comes the science🔬 

  • The magnesium-enriched formula penetrates hair fibres to restore elasticity and boost your natural curl pattern, while innovative conditioning and glossing agents fight frizz, for hair that’s touchably soft and glistening with healthy-looking shine (JohnFriedapage2017)

Suitable for all levels of frizz, including colour-treated and chemically treated hair> For beautiful bouncy hair go try Frizz Ease -I even love the scrumptious smell >so uplifting and gives you the confidence to show off your hair curly….. or …straight >these products will enhance the natural texture of your hair with kindness and love  ❤️ used by all celebrities and big on the cat-walk this year 🔝👈🏽.                                          Freebies😀                                                                 How to get it: To request your free sample, “Like” John Frieda.. on Facebook and click “Sign Up Now” under the Smooth Style tab. You will have to allow their app. Then fill out a short form and answer a few questions. If you’ve already received this sample, you may not be eligible to request it again (this was from the John Frieda website). It’s a wrap folks>love your hair and treat it with some love❤and it will treat you well. Thank you visiting lots love Ms E:) x x #Boots #Superdrug #Tesco